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Vitamix Blender
Some Vitamix refurbished machines are on sale right now. You can get one for a few hundred less in some cases than the similar new model. The refurbished machines come with a free five year warranty. Mine sits on the counter all of the time. I have donated all other blenders I owned to charity.. There is nothing like a Vitamix. They are magnificient and a necessary appliance in my opinion if you want to have supreme health and create wonderful food in minutes. It is also its own dishwasher, a few quirts of dish soap and warm water, put it on high for a minute or so, rinse and it is clean. Nothing to take apart.

I love green smoothies. Have any of you tried them? You can look them up on: Award Winning Inspirational Documentary - Reversing the Irreversible This website is from the Raw Family. They have improved their health dramatically. It is amazing how much energy you feel when green smoothies are a part of your eating progam.
I watched the Dr. Oz show recently. Alzheimers Disease was the first subject. I believe we boomers are more concerned memory loss than cancer in many cases. They highlighted a new book on prevention. I say we all do what we can to prevent it.The Alzheimer's Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy for the Rest of Your Life There have been recent breakthroughs linking diabetes to increased chances of getting Alzheimers. Here is a link to info from Alzheimer's Association Website.
My aunt emailed me this link on a possible Alzheimer's cure! link

Life has been challenging the last year. I lost a mother-in-lawand my father . I have had a hard time finding time to work on my website. I hope to be more involved very soon. Thank all of you who pop in for a look. God Bless....

A great tool for getting in shape and losing weight is the LIVE STRONG Daily Plate. You can track the calories you have eatin and calories burned. It will even calculate calories for your own recipes! Over a million people have joined and used the tools to help with their goals.

There are some interesting statistics about Baby Boomers on the AARP website. I have joined AARP, it is very inexpensive and I love the magazine you get. There are interesting people and articles in it.

Over the coming weeks and months I plan to keep adding and updating information here. On the right I have a link to my email and would love to hear from any of you who are interested in seeing certain info and/or links from here. Your privacy is very important to me and it would never be shared with anyone.

I feel we are in an exciting time of our lives. Many of us are at our best and have a lot of life and adventure to live out for years to come. So let the fun begin!

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"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it's all the same .... day."
Janis Joplin

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